At the beginning of the year 2020, an unheard of new coronavirus infectious pneumonia epidemic swept the land of China with an irresistible trend, seriously affecting the economic development trend of China and even the world. The outlook is not optimistic. Looking back at the year just passed in 2019, for the forklift industry in China, the turbulence at the beginning of the year continues, the market inertia of the previous year continues, the cliff-like decline in the middle of the year, and the level of stability at the end of the year The wisdom of the Chinese forklift people felt a little unexpected at first, but it was still reasonable to think about it. 

Judging from the annual sales data of 2019 just released by the Industrial Vehicle Branch of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, in 2019, the total annual sales volume of China’s forklifts actually reached 608,341 units, which once again refreshed the historical record of China’s forklift industry. Continue to become the world’s largest forklift super production country and sales country, the domestic sales volume is increasing, negative growth, I believe this result exceeded most people’s expectations. In general, in 2019, the overall output of China’s forklifts is increasing, domestic sales are increasing, the proportion of mobile forklifts is increasing, lithium battery forklift sales are increasing, and the number of forklift leases is increasing. However, it must be severe winter after midsummer, the total sales volume in 2019 is likely to be a small peak in the Chinese forklift industry. Although the output is at a new high, the profit margin of the company is falling sharply. 

The situation in the next few years is bound to be severe. Especially in 2020, the competition situation of China’s forklift industry will be more intense and severe. For all participants, risks and opportunities coexist. Hard work, solid foundation, accumulated wealth, and hope to become the theme song of China’s car companies in 2020.

By oltgj