Pallet Jack A101 A102

Hand Pallet Jack A101 A102

Optimized round fork tips ensures easy operation;

54mm fork thickness ensures high capacity;

Curve design on the fork tips help

Pallets entry in/out.



> Reduce maintenance cost > /improve working efficiency > Increase truck service life

High reliability, suitable for a variety of environments. It can be used for

3~ 5years under normal maintenance.

■The first design of forging & casting integral pump, which prevents any

loosening and leakage.

■High-strength alloy steel carefully crafted, increased loading capacity.

■Set the active safety valve to prevent overloading of operation.

54mm fork thickness ensures high capacity.

Load capacityQ(kg)25003000
Steering wheelmm180*50180*50
Fork wheel singlemm80*70/74*7080*70/74*70
Fork wheel tandemmm80*93/74*9380*93/74*93
Lifting heighth3(mm)200/190200/190
Lowered heighth13(mm)85/7585/75
Overall lengthl1(mm)1534/16041534/1604
Fork dimensionss/e/l54/160/1150(1220)54/160/1150(1220)
Distance between fork- armsb5(mm)520/550/685520/550/685
Turning radiuswa(mm)1249/13191249/1319
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbasem2 (mm)3232
Height of tiller in drive position maxh14 (mm)12241224