“U” Shaped Top Platform

A501 series “U” Low Lift Table

  1. “U” shaped table are specially for handling pallets, no need for a pit or load.
    2. They are manufactured to all European safety standards including EN1570:1999.
    3. Remote power pack with pedestal and controls, protected to IP54.
    4. Upper platform fitted with safety perimeter to prevent descent on contact with obstructions.
    5. Control box with UP and DOWN buttons and emergency stop.
    6. External power pack equipped with a relief valve against overloading and a compensated flow valve for controlling lowering speed.
    7. Hose burst safety valve to stop the lift table lowering in case of hose breakage.
    8. Removable lifting eyes to facilitate handling and installation of the lift table.
    9. Oilless bushings on pivot points.
    10. Quick assembly joint for oil hose.

Model NumberA501A501-2
Min. Platform height-hmm80105
Max. Platform height-h1mm860860
Platform size(L*W*H)mm1450*11401600*1180
“U”shape platform sizemm1080*5851194*580
Single fork sizemm280300
Lifting times1820
Lifting speed with loadmm/s4245
Lifting speed without loadmm/s4850
Motoe Powerkw0.751
Net weightkg235368