Self-propelled Scissor Work Platforms

Self-propelled Scissor Work Platforms

Our electric scissor lift platforms are aerial work platforms which can automatically move(upward and downward, forward and backward) and turn, ideal for long-time aerial moving operations. No extra supporting leg is needed. It is mainly used in the installation, maintenance and cleaning of high-altitude equipment in stores, communications, airports, exhibition centers, supermarkets, factories, subway stations and other places; it can also be used for the maintenance of lifting equipment and outdoor power facilities.

Main spec.

  • Working height:8m-16m
  • Safety capacity:300kg

Important features

  • Battery drive, lower noise, non-pollution, suitable for all kinds of working environment
  • Pothole device More secure and reliable
  • Uni-direction extended platform and can reach work position quickly
  • automatic display of fault code for easy maintenance

Model NumberPT06PT08PT10PT12
Maximum working heightmm8000100001200013800
Maximum platform heightmm600080001000011800
Folding maximum height (guardrail unfolding)mm2150227524002525
Folding maximum height (guardrail removed)mm1190131514401565
Whole lengthmm2400240024002400
Whole widthmm1150115011501150
Platform sizemm2270×11502270×11502270×11502270×1150
Platform extend sizemm900900900900
Minimum ground clearance (folding)mm110110110110
Minimum ground clearance (rising)mm20202020
Minimum turn radius (inner wheel)mm0000
Minimum turn radius (outer wheel)mm2100210021002100
Power sourcev/kw43914439144391443914
Running speed (folding)km/h3.
Running speed (rising)km/h0.
Rising/falling speedsec70/8070/8070/8070/80
Maximum climbing ability%20202020
Maximum working allowable angel/2-3°2-3°2-3°2-3°
Way of control/Electro-hydraulic proportion control
Driver/Double front-wheel
Hydraulic drive/Double rear-wheel
Wheel size (stuffed & no mark)/Φ381×127Φ381×127Φ381×127Φ381×127
Lifting capacitykg300300300300
Lifting extend capacitykg113113113100
Overall Net Weightkg1900208024902760