There are many capacities of this pallet truck: 2ton, 2.5ton, 3ton.

According to the customer’s needs, this hand pallet truck has a variety of options, such as load capacity (from 2 tons to 5 tons), fork width (540mm or 680mm), fork length (1150mm or 1220mm or other length such as 1600mm, 2000mm etc), wheel material (Polyurethane or Nylon material), body material (steel or stainless steel).

Hand pallet trucks are often used for short distances of around 15 meters, especially in loading and unloading areas. The compact and flexible size makes it suitable for almost any occasion.

Nowadays, in all aspects of logistics, the manual pallet truck bears the connection between various transportation links, making the loading and unloading operation more and more convenient, and it will not restricted by the venue.

By oltgj