Electric pallet truck is a kind of light and small storage industrial vehicle that is widely used at home and abroad and has huge market potential. It is powered by a battery, driven by a motor, lifted by a hydraulic workstation, controlled by a joystick.

The electric pallet truck is convenient, stable and fast in operation. It’s small and flexible in operation, low noise and low pollution. It can be used in shopping malls, supermarkets, warehouses, freight yards, workshops and other places, especially suitable for food, textile, printing and other light industry. It greatly improves the efficiency of cargo handling and reduces labor intensity.

Configuration and performance:

  1. Vehicle – small size, light weight, easy to operate;
  2. Battery-lithium battery power, more energy-saving, more environmentally friendly;
  3. Motor – Permanent magnet brush-less drive and hoist motor, maintenance-free, high efficiency, long life;
  4. Control – Heli self-made driver and lifting controller, multiple protection, high reliability;
  5. Fork – Double-sided pallet design, three length forks for different users to choose;
  6. Standard lifting limit switch, safe and energy-saving;
  7. Open layout, ultra-fast replacement of driving wheels, easy maintenance.

By oltgj